Poonam Panday Fakes Own Death At 32

 February 3, 2024

NOTE FROM WRITER: Poonam Panday has been exposed as a liar after faking her own death for a publicity stunt. This is the same actress who is most famous for promising to strip for the 2011 Indian Cricket team if they won the World Cup and then refused to do so.

Bollywood actress and model Poonam Pandey has passed away at just 32.

She had reportedly been battling cervical cancer.

Pandey's Instagram account posted the news, claiming that "This morning is a tough one for us." It added:

Deeply saddened to inform you that we have lost our beloved Poonam to cervical cancer. Every living form that ever came in contact with her was met with pure love and kindness. In this time of grief, we would request for privacy while we remember her fondly for all that we shared.

Pandey's manager Nikita Sharma revealed that Pandey had been diagnosed with the disease "sometime ago."

It has left India's "entertainment industry in shock and mourning."

Pandey's social media accounts appear to have been updated about 15 times in 2024, but it is unclear when these photos were taken.

She was born in 1991 about 500km southeast of Delhi.

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