Pool Boy Sex Scandal EXPLODES - Voters In SHOCK...

October 15, 2022

The pool boy is finally speaking out.

For YEARS, he had an affair with Becki Falwell. Becki is the wife of Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr.

Falwell Jr.'s fall from public grace started in 2020 when pool boy Giancarlo Granda "said he had a yearslong sexual relationship with Becki and that Jerry would participate as a voyeur, scandalizing the private evangelical Christian college community that Falwell Jr. once served."

Based on the public image the school tried to portray, the President was not supposed to be pleasuring himself while watching his wife do the deed with the pool boy. In fact, that seems like pretty much the exact opposite image the school was trying to portray.

The ultimate case of "do as I say, not as I do," am I right?

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