Poll: Trump Has Majority Support In 2024 Field

 March 8, 2023

Just after the 2022 midterms last November, Donald Trump's political stock had arguably never been lower.

His endorsements hadn't done as well as he promised they would, and Americans didn't like his private fight with wife Melania or his public feud with conservative darling Ron DeSantis.

We thought his time at the top of the GOP was over.

And boy, were we wrong.

Four months later, here is Donald Trump showing why he's, well, Donald Trump.

A Morning Consult survey this week found that not only is Trump holding his own against the field, but he's also DESTROYING THEM.

A whopping 53% of those surveyed believed that Donald Trump would be the best Republican candidate, up from 50% just a week ago. Ron DeSantis comes in at 28%, barely over half of what Donald Trump gathered.

If you would have told me in December 2022 that Donald Trump would be doubling up DeSantis (and everyone else) in the very near future, I would have called you a liar. Turns out you just would have been a fortune teller.