Poll: Trump Has 30-Point Lead Over 2024 Field

 March 1, 2023

Even though most of his other eventual opponents haven't even declared for 2024 yet, a 30-point lead over his next closest competitor is NOTHING to sneeze at from the 2016 winner, Donald Trump.

He didn't get things done in 2020, but his amazing upset in the 2016 election proved everyone wrong, especially the New York Times who had about a ten percent chance of him winning going into election night.

Trump finished a recent poll conducted by Emerson College with majority support. He collected an incredible 55%, more than doubling the next-closer competitor.

That competitor, by the way, is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Ron finished second with 25% support.

DeSantis has been reportedly considering a run, despite not officially announcing anything yet.

He is in the midst of a big book release though, and the sales numbers on that could be a good indicator of just how receptive America is to Florida's Governor at the moment.

Who would you prefer to represent Republicans in 2024, Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis? Comment below.