Poll Shows Most Believe Trump-Russia Smear Was 'Hit Job'

It's not even just half of Americans, it's nearly TWO-THIRDS.

That's the fraction of voters in America who believe that President Donald Trump was the target of a political "hit job" when his campaign was accused of colluding with Russia.

It's a good sign that that many Americans are willing to slow down and listen to the facts.

Special Counsel John H. Durham's recent report concluded that not only was there no collusion between Donald Trump and Russia, but many prominent liberals also KNEW there was no collusion between Trump and Russia and allowed Hillary Clinton's campaign to spread those vile rumors across the world back in 2016.

Barack Obama knew.

Joe Biden knew.

Those at the top of the FBI knew.

And not ONE of them stood up and protected justice by telling Clinton's campaign that they shouldn't be lying.

Yeah, it's safe to say that Donald Trump was the target of a political "hit job."