Poll Reveals Trump With 69-Point Lead In West Virginia

 July 19, 2023

The recent poll results from West Virginia, pointing to a 60-point lead for former President Donald Trump, have revealed significant sway in the state's Republican primary race. Trump's command of the poll marks one of his most dominant leads thus far, illuminating his strong standing among Republican voters in West Virginia.

The poll was conducted by the West Virginia Statewide News. They surveyed a particular demographic of voters, precisely 1,144 Republican voters. These voters were selected based on their voting history, specifically those who have voted in at least three of the last four primary elections. The results of this comprehensive survey can be viewed in detail at Breitbart.

Trump's Astonishing Lead and DeSantis's Shocking Position

In the political landscape, it is of considerable interest that Trump's biggest rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, lagged substantially. DeSantis's polling numbers came nowhere near to Trump's overwhelming support. The striking difference between the two notable Republicans proved to be a significant 60 points.

According to data shared by Republican strategist Andrew Surabian, DeSantis received merely 1.5 percent support in the poll. This stark difference between DeSantis's and Trump's polling numbers underscores the formidable position that Trump continues to maintain among Republican voters in West Virginia.

Morrisey's Commanding Stance and Gubernatorial Ambitions

Simultaneously, the West Virginia Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey, emerged as another strong contender in the poll. Morrisey's performance in the survey displayed his dominance over his challengers, as he led by double digits. This strong showing by Morrisey draws attention to his increasing influence among the state's Republican voters.

Morrisey's political ambitions were clearly expressed when he launched his bid for the governorship in April. His political alignment was unmistakable as he officially endorsed Trump for reelection during the same month.

"I have always strongly supported President Trump, and I want to make it official. I proudly endorsed his candidacy for president," he announced.

Consistent Strength of Trump in State-level Surveys

Trump's strong standing in West Virginia is mirrored in several other state-level surveys. These surveys consistently indicate Trump as the dominant frontrunner in the Republican race.

For instance, a June Quinnipiac poll from Pennsylvania not only displayed Trump's commanding 24-point primary lead but also showed him slightly leading President Biden in a potential head-to-head matchup. Other state polls echoed this trend. A recent New Hampshire survey reported Trump's lead to be at 37 points. A recent Florida poll also highlighted Trump's considerable support, showing a lead of 20 points.

The Economist/YouGov survey, released just last week, further cemented Trump's position. The majority of Republicans suggested that Trump is the "strongest" candidate Republicans could nominate for president in 2024.

  • Former President Donald Trump holds a commanding 60-point lead in West Virginia's Republican primary race, as per a recent poll.
  • Trump's biggest rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, fell significantly behind with just 1.5% support in the poll.
  • West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey also displayed a strong performance, leading his challengers by double digits.
  • Morrisey launched his gubernatorial bid in April and formally endorsed Trump for reelection in the same month.
  • Other state-level surveys, like those from Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Florida, also show Trump as the dominant frontrunner in the Republican race.
  • The Economist/YouGov survey found that the majority of Republicans view Trump as the "strongest" candidate for the 2024 presidential election.

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