Poll: Half Of America Says Biden Doing 'Poor' Job Uniting Country

 March 4, 2023

Those of you with a good memory may recall Joe Biden pledging over and over again to unite America, not divide us further.

A recent Rasmussen Reports survey has confirmed what most people in America already knew:

Joe Biden did NOT successfully keep that pledge. In fact, he failed terribly.

The survey showed that 50% of Americans believe that Joe Biden is doing a "poor" job of uniting the country. Half the country thinks this, which means the other half does not. That isn't only division, that's perfection. Right down the middle baby.

When breaking the numbers down by party lines, Republicans are predictably the most cynical, with 77% of them saying that Biden isn't doing a good enough job uniting the country. Independents follow them, at 53%. Even a few Democrats have woken up by now, with about 22% of them willing to admit that Joe Biden is not doing a good job of uniting the country.

Rasmussen Reports even pointed out that Joe Biden is starting to lose his base of Democrats because he really just has been that divisive.