Poll: Americans Think Corporate Media Covering For Biden

 March 4, 2023

A new Rasmussen Reports poll has just confirmed to America what most of us have been saying for years.

The majority of likely American voters in 2024 believe that America's top news networks have been given Joe Biden preferential treatment, being "less aggressive in questioning Biden than they were in questioning former President Donald Trump."

Over half of American voters say that America's corporate media has not been doing their due diligence in keeping Joe Biden accountable for his behavior, treating him with kid gloves compared to how the media treated Donald Trump.

The poll also proved that Americans don't have much hope for this problem to improve in the near future, with 56% of voters saying that media bias is getting worse and worse. Only 16% of those polled thinks that networks are getting better about being truthful and honest.

The report states that income is one of the factors that most clearly divides voters on both sides of the issue.

People making over $200,000 yearly are more likely to think media bias is improving. However, "those with annual incomes between $30,000 and $50,000 are most likely to think the media are less aggressive in questioning Biden, compared to how they treated Trump," according to the poll.