Poll: 77% Of Voters Think Title IX Harmful To Women

 March 9, 2023

President Joe Biden claims that he believes in women, supports women, and respects women.

Almost 80% of the voters in this great country believe that Biden's actions demonstrate the exact opposite.

Biden's administration recently changed Title IX to allow biological males who "identify" as "transgender" to compete against women who were born women and are competing as women.

A whopping 77% of Americans believe that move is going to harm women. That means less than a quarter of Americans believe that Title IX, which is supposed to help women, is actually helping women.

Perhaps that's why the U.S. House of Representatives is already working to federally ban men competing in women's sports, regardless of how unfair Biden wants to make the playing field.

Two bills sponsored by Representative Virginia Foxx, a Republican from North Carolina, are already making progress toward reversing Biden's transformation of sex and gender in America.

"The Biden administration is orchestrating a radical culture shift in America’s schools that is fundamentally changing what students are exposed to in the classroom and on the field." Foxx said. "We’ve learned that prolonged school closures have set students back years in learning and development, yet the Left is more focused on peddling an agenda that silences parents’ voices and allows biological males to compete in women’s sports.