Poll: 75% Of Americans 'Concerned' About Biden's Mental Status

 March 2, 2023

In a shocking sign of just how much trouble America might be in these days, a Yahoo/YouGov poll revealed that only 23% of Americans have "no concerns" over Joe Biden's cognitive faculties or health.

While 23% is a SERIOUSLY low number of people to not be terrified about our president, one really does wonder how even that many people could possibly think Joe Biden hasn't yet lost his marbles.

Look at all of his speaking errors, bike crashes, and military blunders, that is.

We should have known from the moment he appointed Vice President Kamala Harris his "border czar" that he was either completely crazy or lying.

To be honest with you, it might be both.

If Joe Biden or another Democrat is going to have a chance in 2024, they will NEED to appeal to independents. However, those voters are among the most skeptical of the current president's mental abilities.

Of independents sampled in the poll, 82% of them were worried about the president's health and abilities.