Politico survey finds just over a quarter of Americans want Biden to run in 2024

November 28, 2022

A new Politico survey released this week found that just over a quarter of registered voters believe President Joe Biden should seek a second term as President in 2024.

It has become well known that President Biden is highly unpopular, and his advanced age has made it even more untenable to put him forward as the Democrat candidate in the next presidential election.

These new surveys further solidify the cold truth for President Biden and the White House. If he runs in 2024, he could very well cost the Democrat Party should Republicans run a competent candidate.

The Politico survey asked voters, "Do you believe Joe Biden should run for president in the 2024 election?" Only 28% of respondents said they believed he should run again and only 15% believe he "definitely” should run.

In comparison, 65% of respondents stated the President should not run again in 2024. Of those, 46% were adamant that Joe Biden "definitely" should not be running in two years.

President Biden has failed on nearly every important issue and is lucky he didn't cost his party complete control of Congress. Democrats can't count on getting so lucky again and would be wise to force Joe Biden to retire once his term is up.

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