Police drop charges against leader of UK March for Life after she silently prayed outside of an abortion clinic

September 24, 2023

Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, the leader of the U.K. March for Life, has had charges against her dropped by British police, and she was also issued an apology after she was arrested earlier this year for silently praying outside an abortion clinic.

Vaughan-Spruce was in a so-called "buffer zone," which was introduced by local authorities via a "Public Spaces Protection Order," and was designed to prohibit any kind of protest, including prayers, against abortion.

Vaughan-Spruce issued a statement saying, "Silent prayer is never criminal. I welcome West Midland Police’s decision to end their investigation and their apology for the time it took to do so, but it’s important to highlight the extremely harmful implications of this ordeal not just for myself, but for everyone concerned with fundamental freedoms in the UK."

The chilling ordeal that Vaughan-Spruce went through seems to have been deliberate in order to send a message to pro-life protestors that they will face the full force of the law for even the slightest protest.

Vaughan-Spruce continued by saying, "What happened to me signals to others that they too could face arrest, interrogation, investigation, and potential prosecution if caught exercising their basic freedom of thought."

While this may have occured in the United Kingdom, Americans ought to be gravely concerned about the death of basic liberties in a country we consider to be a close ally.

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