Police Deny Suspected Serial Killer Had Soundproof Room In His House

 July 25, 2023

By this point, the story of accused Gilgo Beach killer Rex Heuermann has captivated America enough that rumors about the case have begun to swirl.

Perhaps the most disturbing of them was the idea that Heuermann had a soundproof room in his house, where he killed at least one woman without anybody being able to hear what happened.

While that does make for a scary story, police on New York's Long Island have said that this part of the tale simply isn't true.

"I believe that the soundproof room and the vault, that message got misconstrued, but there is a vault. There is no soundproof room," said Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison.

The reports of a soundproof room began circulating on July 23.

By the next day, the rumors had grown so intense that the police had to get out in front of the issue and tell the truth.