Photo evidence proves Biden family was at the White House when cocaine was discovered

Photographic evidence has debunked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre's claim that the Biden family was not at the White House on Friday when cocaine was discovered. However, that claim is false, as the Bidens were at the White House until Friday evening.

Jean-Pierre slammed the question about the Bidens' whereabouts, saying it amounted to “irresponsible reporting,” and that the Bidens could not be connected to the cocaine as they were not on the grounds.

This was just the latest lie from Jean-Pierre, as according to Eugene Daniels of POLITICO, "Poolers saw Jill Biden, Baby Beau and Hunter Biden climb into presidential SUV. President Biden followed a few minutes later. Motorcade rolling to Fort McNair as of 6:34p."

An accompanying photo from the Associated Press corroborated Daniels's report capturing the president with his son towards Marine One.

The White House has been evasive and lied repeatedly about the facts around the cocaine found this week. This only strengthens allegations that the cocaine belonged to Hunter Biden, who has abused illicit substances in the past.

If it is indeed Biden's cocaine, it would be a monumental disaster for the president and his administration. Hunter Biden is already in major legal trouble, and the Biden campaign is barely treading water.