Peter Schweizer says Devon Archer's testimony was 'devastating' to Biden family

 August 8, 2023

Even as the White House and its allies in the mainstream media all but ignore recent testimony by Devon Archer, a former business associate of Hunter Biden's, some observers believe that the information he revealed is significantly bad for the Biden family.

According to Breitbart, Government Accountability Institute president Peter Schweizer, author of Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends, noted that Archer's testimony was nothing less than "absolutely devastating" for the Bidens.

"I think that Devon Archer’s testimony was absolutely devastating," the GAI president said during an interview on Fox News Channel's Sunday Morning Futures.

Schweizer also believes that more damning information is coming down the pipeline, to the extent that the media will no longer be able to ignore it and run cover for the White House as they've done so far.

He explained why Archer's testimony was so critical in the matter, noting that he has much more to lose than gain in this particular situation.

"I was concerned going in. Keep in mind that his lawyer works at Boies Schiller, which is where Hunter Biden was a lawyer from 2009 to 2014. That firm has a long association with the Bidens and the Democratic Party. But it did not dissuade his testimony," Schweizer said.

"And I thought Devon Archer was measured and focused and key because, having studied this since 2016, he is really the guy with the business acumen. Of all the people that are sort of revolving around Hunter Biden with these various entities that were set up, Devon Archer was the adult in the room in terms of how this business should be structured. And he confirmed everything that everybody assumed the worst, of which is that Joe Biden was the product that this firm was selling," Schweizer continued.

He added, "And he unequivocally said any people discussing or claiming that he was not involved with his son’s business is totally and completely incorrect."

Schweizer expanded on his thoughts that more damaging information could soon be on the way, courtesy of yet another former Hunter Biden associated called Eric Schwerin.

"I would add the next shoe that may drop is there’s another individual involved with Hunter Biden named Eric Schwerin," Schweizer said.

He added, "If Devon Archer was the sort of business guy, the deal guy in how you structure this, Eric Schwerin was the money guy. He’s the guy that moved money around."

Schweizer also explained that Schwerin had access to a number of bank accounts owned by the Bidens, based on information recovered from Hunter Biden's infamous laptop.

He expressed concerns that given the depth of his knowledge of the Biden's financial picture, Schwerin could currently be under extreme pressure, behind the scenes, by the Bidens. Only time will tell if he reveals even more devastating inside information.