Pentagon Slammed For Calling Lloyd Austin's Cancer Surgery 'Elective'

 January 11, 2024

Doctors across America are calling out officials at the Pentagon.


They're pretty much blatantly lying to all of America with their latest claims about Lloyd Austin, America's Defense secretary.

Austin was recently admitted to a hospital's intensive care unit after complications from an "elective" surgery, according to the Pentagon.

While not telling America (or Joe Biden) about Austin's condition sooner is a scandal in its own right, Pentagon officials created another problem by lying and calling the surgery "elective."

The surgery was not "elective." The surgery was to remove cancer.

Technically, Austin did have a choice:

Get the surgery or probably die.

By calling it "elective," the Pentagon is trying to portray that Austin's situation was not and is not serious.

Let's not let their tricky wordplay change the truth:

Lloyd Austin, one of America's top leaders, is experiencing SERIOUS health issues.

Haven't they learned with Biden that the answer to failing health is NOT to just cover it up?

Apparently not.