Pentagon Leak On Supersonic Chinese Drone 'Likely' True

 April 21, 2023

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul of Texas recently stopped by the April 20th broadcast of The Story on Fox News.

While there, he couldn't confirm a recent Pentagon leak alleging that China could soon deploy a supersonic spy drone. He also couldn't deny the report either. In fact, he said the report was likely true. He just wouldn't say he knows for sure.

"Well, first, we can’t confirm these leaked documents," McCaul began. He added:

I did have a briefing when I went to Asia with the INDOPACOM Commander Admiral Aquilino. We know they have hypersonic missiles and we know they have supersonic missiles. It would not be a stretch — and I can’t confirm the intelligence on open airwaves — however, it would be very consistent with the technology they have right now. This supersonic would go three times the speed of sound.

"They already have a hypersonic missile that goes five times the speed of sound," McCaul said. "So, it doesn’t take a — it’s not much of a stretch to say that they most likely do have this capability, which is very frightening because of the threat it poses, not just to our forces in the Pacific, but also to our partners like Japan, South Korea, most importantly Taiwan after just coming back from the region."