Pence Says Trump Is Abandoning Conservative Values

September 9, 2023

Former Vice President Mike Pence claims to base his personal life around Jesus and his political life around the American Constitution.

When people in America are living in opposition to those values, Pence does his best to set a good example and point those people in the right direction.

But what if those people are suddenly seeming to make up more and more of Pence's own party?

What if those people are Pence's former boss?

Well, the former VP just proved that he isn't scared to stand up to Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, the rest of the GOP primary contenders, and anyone else who opposes his Christian and Constitution-based life.

Pence thinks that he is running his campaign based on conservative principles, while others are simply looking to say whatever sounds best at the time.

"Look, I’m very, very proud of the people in this movement, and I’m speaking more about the former president and some of his imitators in the Republican primary," Pence said. "And there are voices on the outside who are calling for us to abandon our historic role as leader of the free world to literally stand down on our commitment to oppose Russian aggression, to stand up to China as it continues its military provocations in the Asia Pacific, and even, you know, one of my competitors in the primary actually said in the last week that he wouldn’t use American military force to defend Israel in an attack by Iran."

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