Pence: Biden Sending 'Message Of Weakness Around The World'

 April 20, 2023

Mike Pence has a VERY strong message for Joe Biden.

It's so powerful that even if you don't enjoy Mike Pence at all, you'll enjoy this:

"Weakness arouses evil. Biden is sending a message of weakness to the world."

Even though Pence and Donald Trump aren't the best of friends these days, Pence is still willing to stand up for the difference of what's right and what's wrong. If it just so happens that Trump was right in a certain scenario, then so be it. Better yet when Joe Biden is wrong in that exact same scenario. Pence said:

We demonstrated that you can achieve peace through strength and that authoritarian regimes around the world respect the United States when we commit ourselves to defend our nation and defend our interests around the world. Weakness arouses evil, and in the wake of the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Biden Administration capitulating on Nord Stream 2 to Russia, begging the Iranians to get back in the nuclear deal, they send a message of weakness around the world.

Pence said that he believes America should continue funding Ukraine to "push out the Russians."

"I think we need to meet this moment with American strength," Pence concluded. "Look, Ukraine is not our war but freedom is our fight. I believe it’s imperative that the United States continue to give resources along with our allies to the Ukrainian fighters to push out the Russians and I also think that is the fastest pathway toward containing China’s ambitions in the Asia-Pacific. Make no mistake about it: China is watching what is happening in Europe, watching the response from the West, and they’ll make their decision in part based on how committed the West is to standing with those who are fighting for their freedom. I’d be meeting the moment with American strength."