Pence Attacks DeSantis Over Disney Battle

 June 29, 2023

Former Vice President Mike Pence has let his opinion be known:

Ron DeSantis "was following in the footsteps of the radical left" when he went to war with Disney.

Pence accused DeSantis of abandoning free market principles.

"Another prominent example is Disney, a company that trumpeted its left-wing values by condemning conservative education and parental rights reforms in Florida. Governors around the country are right to pursue these policies and protect our kids," Pence said. He went on:

But when the governor of Florida decided to launch a full-scale campaign of governmental retribution against Disney, he wasn't taking a page out of the conservative playbook — he was following in the footsteps of the radical left.

"None of this was necessary. The best way to change businesses' behavior is to hit them where it hurts — the pocketbook. The American people seemingly understand this truth, as evidenced by their grassroots boycotts and changes in purchasing habits," Pence claimed.

Pence pointed to companies like Target and Bud Light falling as strong examples of consumers being the ones to decide what is right.