Pelosi Says We're "Reversing Freedom In Our Country"

 April 22, 2023

Nancy Pelosi is good at two things:

1) Having a mug that our parents warned us about when they told us our "face is going to freeze that way."

2) Having absolutely NO IDEA what she's talking about.

During a recent appearance on MSNBC, Nancy Pelosi nailed both of her specialties. While looking like she'd just eaten an entire bag of sour candies, she gave one of the worst takes I've ever heard in my entire life:

The conservative Supreme Court and GOP-led House is "reversing freedom" in the United States, she said.

Her spiel began with her being asked to rate how Kevin McCarthy has done as Speaker of the House in his first hundred days:

"You had seen us move to expanding freedom on our country. We were very proud in the last term to have marriage equality with the Respect for Marriage Act passed. Then you see the Supreme Court reversed freedom and go back," Pelosi said. "They are reversing the tide of history. In the beginning, our founders had a vision. They had documents that were about the dignity and worth of people. But they did not all live up to the legislation that we would need later. But it enabled us to do it by amendment. To abolish slavery, the right to vote for black men, and the right to vote for women, a woman’s right to choose, the list goes on and on. Until this court and this Congress is a manifestation of that thinking, reversing freedom in our country." She added:

Kitchen table issues are not their concern. They are there to take tax breaks from the wealthiest people, to resist raising revenue in order to provide for the needs of the American people.