Paul Whelan Implores Biden To Secure His Release

 December 27, 2023

President Joe Biden just received a letter from Russia that has caused a commotion in the White House.

The letter is from former Marine Paul Whelan, who was arrested in Moscow back in 2018.

Whelan is the same man Biden swore he would bring home years ago.

“Mr. President, you promised to bring me home. I’m still here. There has to be more that you can do to secure my release,” a message from Whelan read recently.

“My message to him is quite simply: I’ve been told that everyone is doing all they can and that my release is a top priority. Promises have been made, and I need everyone who has made those promises to now man up and honor them,” Whelan continued.

What did Biden have to say?

"While we have not yet succeeded in securing Paul’s release, we are not giving up," the White House stated.

We will believe it when we see it, Joe.

Former President Donald Trump would have had Whelan out years ago.

We need a president who follows through on his promises.

America needs Trump.