Paul Pelosi attacker says he is sorry he didn't attack more politicians

 January 30, 2023

David DePape, the mentally ill man who lived in a hippie commune in Berkeley, California, accused of attacking Paul Pelosi, revealed in a phone call with a Bay Area television station that he was sorry he "didn’t get more of them."

DePape called into a KTVU newsroom from the San Francisco County Jail on Friday and said, "I want to apologize to everyone. I messed up. What I did was really bad. I’m so sorry I didn’t get more of them. It’s my own fault. No one else is to blame. I should have come better prepared."

The 42-year-old DePape allegedly broke into the Pelosi home last October and when police arrived, they witnessed him attacking 82-year-old Paul Pelosi with a hammer. Pelosi needed emergency surgery on account of a skull fracture from the attack.

Associates of DePape described him as a mentally ill individual and he was in the country illegally thanks to the "sanctuary state” policies of California.

DePape is facing a slew of different state and federal charges, the most significant being attempted murder.

Democrats have attempted to paint DePape as some right-wing terrorist, but DePape's background suggests that mental illness is the root cause of his antics. Thankfully, he was stopped before he could "get more of them."