Pat Robertson Dies At 93

Legendary Christian broadcaster and former presidential candidate Pat Robertson has passed away.

Robertson's death was announced by the Christian Broadcasting Network, which he founded in 1960.

"My dad was at home, surrounded by his family when he entered glory and met his Savior face to face, whom he loved and served with his whole heart, mind, and being," Robertson's son and current Christian Broadcasting Network CEO Gordon Robertson said. He added:

My father was an extraordinary man by any standard. He was an evangelist, a humanitarian, an entrepreneur, an educator, an author, a statesman, a television personality, a man of global influence and tremendous vision.

Pat Robertson was 93 years old.

Most famous for his 700 Club television show, Robertson was a fixture in America's living rooms for over 50 years.

Did Pat Robertson influence your life in any way? Many people who didn't even know him personally would say that he did just that. If you're one of them, let us know in the comments below.