Over half of Democrat voters want Biden replaced as nominee

 December 19, 2023

The Democratic Party is in serious trouble as far as President Joe Biden's 2024 prospects are concerned.

It's so bad, that according to a recent poll, over half of Democrat voters want Biden replaced with another candidate who has a better chance of beating a strong Republican opponent -- likely former President Donald Trump.

According to Breitbart, Biden isn't exactly inspiring support from voters within his own party, as 54% indicated in a recent poll that they want him swapped out with an alternative nominee.

Only 43% of Democrat voters indicated in the poll that they want to keep Biden as the presumptive nominee.

The number of Democrat voters who want him replaced showed a trending uptick in negative sentiment, having risen a few percentage points over the course of the year.

Breitbart noted:

Biden previously told reporters in December he must run for reelection after prominent Democrats implored him to reconsider a second bid against Trump. “Would you be running if Trump wasn’t running?” a reporter asked Biden.

“I expect so,” Biden replied. “But he is running, and — I just — I have to run.”

Several other high-profile Democratic strategists, including former Obama adviser David Axelrod, have pressured Biden into reconsidering running for the White House next year. Others have agreed, suggesting the party bring in a younger, fresher nominee who can build excitement.

In normal times, the vice president would be at the top of that list -- but this isn't normal times. Vice President Kamala Harris polls worse than her boss and has no real track record of success on which to run.

She's also failed at her assigned tasks, including being the "border czar" for the Biden administration. We all know how the border's doing right now.

Having said that, the inherent issue is how the DNC would push both Biden and Harris aside without a monumental PR nightmare for many different reasons.

That's not to mention the fact that aside from California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), the Democrats do not exactly have a deep bench of players from which to choose.

Still, the DNC has a decision to make, as recent national polls have shown Trump beating Biden in the general election.

They either face the fallout from swapping in someone new for possibly a better shot at beating Trump next year or hold on to hopes that Biden and his campaign can somehow dig themselves out of a deep proverbial ditch.