Over 80% Of Americans Believe Biden's Economy Is In Poor Shape

A Fox News poll is reporting that 83% of American voters believe that President Joe Biden's economy is in negative shape.

It's even worse news for liberals when you consider that last month's version of the very same poll resulted in a smaller-yet-still-substantial 78% of Americans saying that Biden's economy is in negative shape.

Biden's rating wasn't as bad back in April of 2021, but back then 69% of Americans still viewed his economy negatively.

You'd either have to be crazy or a liberal to think that there was any possibility other than Biden feeling very embarrassed in a poll like this.

You don't even have to keep a constant eye on the polls to know what's going on in America, just go outside your house and look around.

Gas prices are sky-high. Our grocery stores have never been charging Americans more. Everything from used cars to homes are becoming harder and harder to buy.

All of this led to Biden's horrific performance not only in this poll, but a recent Harvard poll that showed that the president was failing on literally every major issue facing America.