Oregon Supreme Court Bars Senators From Seeking Re-election

 February 2, 2024

Last year, Oregon experienced a record for the longest legislative walkout in the history of the state, with a group of Republican senators at the forefront.

Now, the Oregon Supreme Court has ruled that the GOP lawmakers who were part of the boycott will not be allowed to seek reelection for the next three years.

“Because the text is capable of supporting the secretary’s interpretation, and considering the clear import of the ballot title and explanatory statement in this case, we agree with the secretary that voters would have understood the amendment to mean that a legislator with 10 or more unexcused absences during a legislative session would be disqualified from holding legislative office during the immediate next term, rather than the term after that,” the court ruling said, interpreting the constitutional language at issue.

This court order means that over a third of Oregon’s State Senate seats will be open to newcomers.

Former Vice President of Service Employees International Union Local 503 Andrea Kennedy-Smith agrees with this decision.

“This ruling upholds the intent of Oregon voters; politicians need to do their jobs or lose their jobs,” Smith said in a recent statement.

Do you agree with this ruling?