Order from Arkansas Supreme Court allows judges to ban guns from courtrooms

 June 8, 2024

The Arkansas Supreme Court recently made a pretty big decision, and it's brought up some serious question about how easy it will be to have security BREACHED in courtrooms.

The recent ruling says that "All judges shall have the inherent authority to control security in their courtrooms," meaning that "circuit and district court judges in Arkansas have the authority to decide whether to allow firearms in their respective courtrooms."

The decision is an important one, as it has everything to do with America's Second Amendment.

Whenever America's Bill of Rights is in the picture, every ruling around it needs to be taken seriously.

The argument around the Second Amendment has been a particularly heated one for years now.

Supporters of the Second Amendment say that it's very important for Americans to be able to defend themselves. Detractors argue that there are too many people out there who can't be responsible with firearms, so nobody should have them.

Who do you think is right?

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