Only 39% Think State Of The Union Is 'Strong'

 February 8, 2023

In 2018, 55% of American adults believed that the state of the union was "strong."

We were two years into the administration of former President Donald Trump, we could afford eggs, and gas was much cheaper.

Now, just 39% of Americans say that the state of the union is "strong" under Joe Biden.

Republicans have always been sour on President Joe Biden, and Democrats are finally starting to abandon him.

But the real reason his poll results are so atrocious lately? Independents are leaving him in record numbers:

"Independents’ opinion of the strength of the union has dropped more steadily from 52% in 2018, briefly plateauing at 44% in 2019 and 46% in 2022, and then dropping to 33% in the current poll," the Monmouth survey explained.

Not only is America not in a good spot right now, many Americans don't plan on us getting to one anytime soon. Just 24% of those responded thought that America is headed in the right direction. Seventy-three percent say it's going in the wrong direction.