Only 3 of 10 Americans view Joe Biden economy as good, poll says

By Jen Krausz on
 July 7, 2023

According to a new AP-NORC Center poll, only 30% of Americans would describe President Joe Biden's economy as "good."

The poll of more than 1200 Americans showed that 69% of respondents thought the economy under Biden was "poor," and only 1% were not sure.

Among Democrats, 60% said they believe the economy is good, while 39% said it was poor.

Younger Democrats were more disapproving of Biden's economy than older ones, with 68% saying the economy is poor.

Independents registered 64% who believe the economy is poor, with only 34% approving.

Biden tried to coin a new term, "Bidenomics," to describe his economic policies, but Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) slammed the term, saying, “Bidenomics is nothing to brag about. Americans from every walk of life are struggling thanks to Biden’s failed policies.”