One-Quarter Of Democrats Question Joe Biden's Mental Fitness

 January 27, 2023

I hate to admit it, but we conservatives might not be as kind and forgiving as we think. As proof of this, consider that Joe Biden's approval rating really hasn't been impacted by his actions that much among Republican voters.

Apparently, we conservatives have hated him since day one.

However, it's no longer just the Trump voters and Biden haters that want the man gone. It's been revealed that even 25% of Democrats believe that Joe Biden might not be mentally fit to be president.

Nearly 60% of Americans in general believe that, but to see ANY liberals admitting that after having voted for Biden in 2020 is quite the improvement. Even more than that, 65%, believe that Joe Biden has already shown that he is "too old to be president" at 80-years-old.

The same survey produced rough news for Biden all around, as it was also revealed that only 35% of Democrats support the idea of Joe running again in 2024.