Oliver Darcy May Resign From CNN: Report

 May 16, 2023

CNN's senior media reporter's government name is Oliver Darcy, but you might know him better by his nickname:

Whiny little weasel.

Darcy has been a staple of CNN's lies for quite some time now, but his actions at the network might have that situation in jeopardy.

Reports are coming out that "Darcy has wondered to colleagues whether he should resign or if he will be fired by the network."

This is because Darcy was irate when CNN decided it needed a ratings boost and put Donald Trump front and center for his town hall meeting. Darcy was EXTREMELY critical of his employer.

So much so that CNN CEO Chris Licht had to have a SERIOUS talk with Darcy about keeping his cool.

PuckNews claimed that Licht "put the fear of God" in Darcy and that Oliver was "visibly shaken" after the meeting.

It's pretty funny that getting shaky, and panicking is the reaction that liberals have when they're ordered to tell the truth.