Ohio poll shows Trump up 12 over Biden

October 12, 2023

An Emerson College poll in the swing state of Ohio showed that former President Donald Trump holds a 12-point lead over President Joe Biden -- a much wider lead than he has nationally in most polls.

Trump had 45% in the poll, while Biden had 33%. Another 12% said they would support someone else in the 2024 presidential election.

Notably, the polling for state senate races was much closer, with the top candidate only around two points ahead of their closest opponent.

Biden's job approval was a devastating 33 points underwater, with only 25% approving while 58% disapproved.

Ohio has been an important state in recent elections and was even the subject of a PBS documentary that showed how the state has been a bellwether to show how the country as a whole would vote.

If Ohio's bellwether status holds up, there is deeper dissatisfaction with Biden in traditional swing states than many national polls are letting on, and it could be a Republican blowout this time around.

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