Sen. Ron Johnson: Obama Should Let Archives Release Joe Biden's Alias Emails

August 31, 2023

Senator Ron Johnson, a Republican from Wisconsin, has a recommendation for the federal government that it is almost sure to ignore:

Provide a little bit of transparency and honesty to the American people, he says.

Johnson is fully aware of the fact that Joe Biden is incapable of dealing with the truth, so he's asking Barack Obama to do it.

Since the current administration is never going to be honest with America in regard to Biden's numerous email aliases, Johnson said that Obama needs to pick up the slack and require the National Archives to do so:

Obama should allow NARA to release the 5,100 email messages and 200 pages of records.

"I’ve been researching Joe Biden’s use of private emails since 2021," Johnson added. "Three letters to the Biden White House have gone unanswered, and NARA provided the usual non-response response."

It really is a sad state of affairs in America when Republicans are forced to turn to Obama for a shred of hope that liberals will be honest.

Barack isn't very good at telling the truth, but compared to the people in the White House right now?

He's practically Honest Abe compared to Biden.

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