Obama Knew Clinton Campaign Was Lying The Entire Time

 May 20, 2023

Not only does this make former President Barack Obama look VERY bad, his director of national intelligence, James Clapper, is coming out of everything with egg on his face as well.

Back in 2016, Hillary Clinton's campaign decided it would be in their best interest to start distributing the narrative that America couldn't trust Donald Trump because the big orange man was in bed with Russia.

About seven years later, Special Counsel John H. Durham's final report on the subsequent federal investigation of the claims indicates that Hillary's campaign was lying the entire time, and other Democrats knew it.

Joe Biden was one of them, and another was Obama.

Despite knowing that one of the candidates to replace him was going to resort to cheating in an attempt to steal the presidency, Obama did NOTHING to stand up for truth and honor.

Neither did Clapper.

That tells you pretty much all you need to know about the integrity of the Democrats we've been tricked into allowing to rule over this country.