Obama-Backed Documentary Fails To Secure Oscar Nod

 January 24, 2024

A documentary film backed by former first lady Michelle Obama has been BOOTED from Oscar consideration.

Barack and Michelle Obama are at the helm of the production company responsible for the Netflix original called American Symphony.

Not only was the documentary expected to be nominated for an Academy Award, but it was also thought likely to win the documentary feature category.

Well, after all that hard work campaigning, the verdict is in -- American Symphony did not even earn a nomination!

While this news came as a shock to many, the message is abundantly clear to others.

It appears that the glorification of the Obamas may very well be coming to an end.

After years of being like royalty, the Obamas may soon be faced with a cold, hard truth; they are not as interesting as they think they are.

Do you think American Symphony would have been nominated absent the Obamas involvement?