NYT suggests Bidens were 'generous' in their abandonment of granddaughter

Joe Biden, Jill Biden, and the entire administration have repeatedly refused to acknowledge the president's seventh grandchild.

Just recently, a White House aide reported that the administration had been instructed to ignore the little girl's existence when speaking about the Biden's grandchildren.

But on July 2, the New York Times reported on the story, putting the news of Hunter Biden's controversial four-year-old daughter at the very bottom of the front page of their Sunday paper with a bizarre headline:

"Hunter Biden and the Politics of Paternity in the Media’s Glare."

However, media glare is not a thing that has happened around this story.

The reason for the Times' sudden acknowledgment of the story is a recent child-support settlement that followed a court battle that took years, notably, very much outside the media glare.

In fact, you can do a quick search on the Times' website of the mother's name, "Lunden Roberts," or "Navy Joan Roberts" -- the child's name -- and you will only find three results. Two of them are from the last few days.

In the aforementioned settlement, Roberts agreed that Navy Joan would not use the Biden surname.

Additionally, the Biden family agreed to turn over some of Hunter's art pieces. Some of Hunter's previous works have sold for as much as $500,000 each.

The verbiage in the Katie Rogers piece in the Times seems to signal that the Biden family is showing generosity.

The Times complained that the case has been too political: "Both Hunter Biden, the privileged and troubled son of a president, and Ms. Roberts, the daughter of a rural gun maker, have allies whose actions have made the situation more politicized. There is no evidence the White House is involved in those actions."

"It’s beyond ludicrous to assume that the Bidens aren’t 'involved' in the politics of Hunter's messes," writes NewsBusters.