NY Times Sour With DeSantis

 January 12, 2023

Far-left media outlets like the New York Times are growing increasingly frustrated with Florida's Republican governor, Republican Ron DeSantis.

According to Breitbart, liberal publications are beyond frustrated. They're "big, heap mad."

That's because Ron DeSantis knows their tricks, and he isn't going to play their games.

This is just another thing that shows Ron DeSantis REALLY knows how to connect with the American people. He knows what we care about. We care about safety, common sense, family, and our future.

As long as he keeps those things at the forefront of his campaign, DeSantis will have plenty of fans in America. Ron knows that the people of America are the ally he needs, not the liberal media of America.

They're ALL corrupt. The Twitter Files have everyone realizing just how deep liberals have had their claws in America's information channels for YEARS now.

Ron DeSantis is going to remove those claws by rejecting one interview at a time.