NPR reporter Tom Bowman slams Biden administration for 'political' Afghanistan report

 April 9, 2023

NPR National Desk Reporter Tom Bowman and NPR White House Correspondent Asma Khalid slammed the Biden administration's new report on the withdrawal from Afghanistan as a “political document."

During a segment on Friday's broadcast NPR Politics Podcast, Khalid said, "I’m just struck, in reading through the summary that the White House released yesterday, of how much that document seems to be a political document. It’s seeking to punt — maybe you could say justify — what happened, but not really accept any accountability. … It’s largely about blaming the previous administration for not adequately planning what went on."

President Joe Biden and his administration know they can never justify what happened in Afghanistan. So, they have resorted to a strategy so obvious that even NPR isn't buying what the White House is selling.

Bowman followed up by saying, "And then Kirby basically says, I didn’t see any chaos. Any air breather watching TV could see the streets clogged with people, thousands of people, their families, their belongings, holding up documents that showed they worked with the Americans, even hoisting their children over the wall so the American military could grab them and bring them to safety. It was completely chaotic. They should have started moving people out much, much earlier in the spring. They failed to do that."

No matter how the Biden administration tries to portray it, the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a disaster and arguably the point where American influence began to decline.

American soldiers and Afghani civilians were killed in the chaos that the Biden administration created. It is long past time for a reckoning and the American people deserve to know the truth about the withdrawal.