North Korea threatens 'thermonuclear war' over joint military exercises

 August 23, 2023

North Korea has long been a threat to the world, and especially to United States interests.

As brazen as the country and its leader already are, tensions escalated significantly earlier this week after the secretive, socialist state threatened "thermonuclear war" should the United States and South Korea continue with "joint military drills test-firing strategic cruise missiles on the Korean Peninsula."

The threat came as the United States and South Korea began its annual Ulchi Freedom Shield computer-simulated command post exercise.

The annual drills, according to the U.S. Navy, are meant to maintain the readiness of the alliance's capabilities to defend the Republic of Korea should the need arise, and to "promote security and stability in Northeast Asia."

North Korea, unsurprisingly, has a different view of the annual joint drill, viewing it as a threat in the form of a war simulation.

"A thermo-nuclear war, the first ever in history, is more than likely on the Korean peninsula," the warning read, according to KCNA news agency.

The report added, "If the agreements fabricated at the Camp David Resort are additionally put into practice in the war drill … the possibility of outbreak of a thermonuclear war on the Korean peninsula will become more realistic."

The agreements were presumably a reference to recent meetings between the United States, Japan, and South Korea at Camp David.

The Daily Wire noted:

The warning comes days after leaders of the U.S., South Korea, and Japan met at Camp David in Maryland last week to form their first stand-alone trilateral agreements dubbed the “Camp David Principles,” as threats from China and North Korea increase in the Pacific.

For the most part, social media mocked the North Korean threat, dismissing it as one of a long list of previous threats that obviously never came close to coming to fruition.

"According to North Korea… scratching your left armpit, opening a door with your hip, and ordering Starbucks on a Thursday also qualify as things that “raise possibility of thermonuclear war," one X user wrote.

While it's true North Korea always fails to walk the walk, it's essential that the United States show solid and determined leadership in the area to stave off any rogue actions the desperate, poverty-stricken nation might take one day without warning.

Unfortunately, with President Joe Biden at the helm, the United States is probably at its weakest. Only a Republican president in 2024 will give us any hope of that changing.