North Korea Launches First Nuclear Submarine

 September 9, 2023

When I think about things that I would rather other countries not have, a nuclear submarine is probably toward the top of my list.

And on the list of countries that I'd least like to have a nuclear submarine, North Korea would be a strong contender to be at the top.

Well, you can throw both of these lists of mine right out, because North Korea just launched its first nuclear submarine.

It was no small or secret event either, with a massive ceremony celebrating the occasion being attended by their leader Kim Jong Un.

The country definitely isn't trying to hide what it is now capable of. In fact, officials were straight-up advertising it.

Most of the knowledge about this "tactical nuclear attack submarine" has come straight from North Korea themselves.

North Korean state media was the source that first broke this story to the world.

If you see Kim Jong Un cruising around in his nuclear attack submarine anytime soon, don't say I didn't warn you.