North Korea Debuts Underwater 'Nuclear Attack Drone'

 March 29, 2023

North Korea's state media outlets recently published a picture the rest of the world probably won't be thrilled to see.

It depicted communist dictator Kim Jong-un standing alongside a weapon identified as the "Hwasan-31." The Hwasan-31 is apparently a tactical underwater warhead produced as a result of Kim's demand for North Korea to be "flawlessly prepared to use nuclear weapons anytime and anywhere."

Will Joe Biden or anyone else in his administration do anything about the growing threat that is North Korea?

Biden's performance since taking office suggests probably not.

Unfortunately, Biden has done almost everything wrong in regard to foreign affairs since taking office.

He waited far too long to invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House.

He was unable to stop tensions between Ukraine and Russia from escalating into war.

Our southern border is in tatters.

Americans died because of Biden's premature evacuation in Afghanistan.

Why would Biden's handling of North Korea be any different? Odds are, he's going to blow that as well. The world needs to be prepared.