'Non-binary' former Biden official caught stealing luggage will be held in mens' jail

By Jen Krausz on
 May 25, 2023

Former Biden official Sam Brinton, who says he is non-binary, will be held in a Maryland men's jail before being sent to Virginia to face a third set of charges for stealing luggage at an airport.

A Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputy told the New York Post that Brinton was in pre-placement at the jail and will be housed with the men's general population next week.

The placement is determined based on whether the inmate has male or female genitalia, the county's policy said, along with other considerations.

Brinton was arrested last week at home after a Tanzanian fashion designer reported her suspicions that Brinton had stolen her bag from Ronald Reagan Airport in 2018 after seeing images online of Brinton wearing clothing and jewelry that was in the suitcase.

The new charges come a month after Brinton pleaded no contest to another theft in 2022 and was sentenced to more than $3,600 in restitution and a 180-day suspended sentence.

The subsequent charges may have triggered the conditions of Brinton's suspended sentence since the suspension usually depends on avoiding further legal trouble.