Nolte at Breitbart says Trump would be 'madman' to do debate

August 23, 2023

Breitbart columnist John Nolte said in an opinion piece for the outlet on Monday that former President Donald Trump would be a "madman" to do the debate on Wednesday because of his 41-point national lead in the polls. 

"Someone who is up 41 points should not participate in a political debate," Nolte said, citing the RealClearPolitics average of recent polls.

Trump also has more than 50% of the overall GOP vote, so even if he was only facing one contender, he would still win at this point.

Nolte said it was a "risk" for Trump to debate at this point. If he said anything people could criticize, he could lose ground.

He conceded that the situation could change; if another candidate rises in the polls Trump might want to reconsider future debates.

But for now, skipping them is all upside and no downside for him.