Prigozhin Sparks Speculation After Launching Rebellion That Sent Putin Fleeing

 June 27, 2023

By now you may have heard of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the man whose private army seemingly got pretty close to Russia's Vladimir Putin and, according to some reports, caused him to flee Moscow by plane.

Prigozhin didn't overthrow the government, but before he ended his aborted mutiny, Putin appeared to have agreed to throw out one of his top men.

Some people are crediting Prigozhin for effecting some change in Russia's military leadership, and others are calling him a dead man.

Prigozhin has not disclosed his location other than saying he and his team went "200 km" away from Moscow as soon as possible.

The Wagner Group mercenary leader said in a recording on Telegram that "he acted to protect his fighters and not to topple Vladimir Putin."

"This unit was supposed to have ended its existence on July 1, 2023," Prigozhin said.

What do you think? Should Prigozhin have cut a deal? Or did he have an obligation to all of the innocent people of Russia and all of the innocent people of Ukraine to get a little bit more done?