No Invite To White House For Israel's Netanyahu

 March 21, 2023

The White House has made the official announcement:

Its doors are NOT open to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

White House strategic communication director John Kirby told reporters that "there's nothing on the schedule right now, for that." He had been asked if the White House would be extending an invitation to somebody who is supposed to be a political ally.

Unfortunately for Americans, the people in the White House only care about taking care of other people like them.

That's why a distinguished world leader can't get a meeting with the president, but liberals are fine with Bill Clinton signing Jeffrey Epstein into the White House 17 times.

Joe cares more about letting his family get away with crimes than he cares about doing the right thing. He's shown that time and time again via his actions toward his own citizens, and now we're seeing it through his outrageous actions toward people that deserve respect.