Nikki Haley takes Biden to task over Israeli political interference

By Jen Krausz on
 March 30, 2023

Former U.N. Ambassador and current GOP political candidate Nikki Haley slammed President Joe Biden on Wednesday for interfering in Israeli domestic politics by refusing to invite Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House because of his government's ongoing judicial reforms.

"It’s outrageous for Joe Biden to lecture Israel on a matter that is entirely their domestic concern," Haley tweeted. "We would never want the Israeli government to push America on issues surrounding our Supreme Court, and they wouldn’t do it. We should let Israelis decide this themselves."

Biden is attempting to oust Netanyahu over his attempt to change the government's granting of broad powers to the judicial branch, including giving the courts the ability to control judicial appointments and to overrule legislation.

Many of the reforms Netanyahu is in the process of instituting parallel U.S. laws, but left-wing Biden still sees them as bad, because most of Israel's judicial branch is also left-wing.

So, for attempting to balance power the way it was originally intended, and the way it functions in the U.S., Biden is punishing the Israeli leader.

Haley is no doubt trying to show that she has knowledge of world politics, which will help her candidacy, but she also strongly supports Israel, which Biden does not, no matter what lip service he pays to the matter.