Nikki Haley Says America Needs To Exit World Health Organization

 December 16, 2023

Nikki Haley just dropped a pretty sizable bomb on American voters who need to know her position on several critical issues.

She said she wants the country to leave the World Health Organization.

The news was recently confirmed on Fox News Channel's Hannity.

Hannity said, "I would like to see America -- and I know you were the U.N. ambassador -- I don’t trust these globalist organizations anymore. Historically, they have been anti-American, and they have been antisemitic. I talked to you about this. I don’t trust the World Health Organization. They were basically propagandists for China on the issue of COVID. I don’t trust the WEF. I don’t trust the Paris Accords that we’re a part of. And I feel like any time we get involved in these globalist organizations, it ends up badly for the U.S., and we end up paying billions and billions of dollars that we can’t afford. Does this need to stop? Should America now retreat from some of these globalist organizations?"

"Yes," Haley immediately replied, adding:

We need to go and show exactly what we mean when we do that. It’s the reason that we got out of the Paris climate agreement when I was at the U.N. It’s the reason we got out of the Human Rights Council. It’s the reason we stopped any taxpayer dollars going to the Palestinian refugee organization. We absolutely should get out of the World Health Organization and anything that the U.N. is doing. Look at how they failed at looking at the human rights abuses of what has happened to the women on October 7. They’re nowhere to be found. They continue to show themselves to be a farce.

"We should defund the U.N. as much as possible," Haley added.