Nikki Haley Promises To Pardon Donald Trump After Cases 'Play Out'

 January 19, 2024

Former President Donald Trump will be pardoned if GOP Candidate Nikki Haley becomes president.

According to Haley, she plans on offering clemency to Trump if she gains control of the White House.

During a recent appearance on CNN, Haley said that she would let the criminal cases “play out” in court before getting involved.

Haley believes that is what Trump “would want.”

“If he wants to defend himself and prove that he has been treated, you know, the wrong way or whether it’s political, I think he would want to fight for that. You know, you only want to talk about a pardon after someone has been convicted, so I would assume that we’d let that play out, and I would think he would want that to play out,” Haley continued.

If Trump was convicted in any of his trials, Haley says she would pardon him because that “the last thing we need is an 80-year-old president sitting in jail because that’s just going to further divide our country.”

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