Nikki Haley Officially Declares Presidential Campaign

 February 15, 2023

Americans knew that Nikki Haley planned to do it, but they had to wait until Valentine's Day ,2023 to hear the official announcement.

America's former ambassador to the United Nations has OFFICIALLY entered the race to be president of the United States of America.

"It's time for a new generation of leadership," Haley asserted.

Much of her announcement conference was aimed at President Donald Trump, who is undoubtedly going to try to intimidate Haley into thinking she doesn't belong in the same camp as the big boys of the Republican Party. Haley isn't buying it:

"They all think we can be bullied, kicked around. You should know this about me, I don't put up with bullies, and when you kick back it hurts them more if you're wearing heels," she said.

Haley has touted the fact that she has NEVER lost a political race as one of the reasons she needs to be taken seriously heading into 2024, whether Trump likes it or not, saying:

You know what I’ve said — I’ve never lost a race. I’m not going to start now. If there’s place for me, we’ll put a hundred percent in, and we’ll finish it.